UIpath Registration error out of nowhere. PLEASE HELP!

My laptop running windows 10 out of nowhere started freezing up and running extremely slow. UIpath is the only thing I use it for. It’s still pretty new. I ran checks and created a new windows user profile and all of the sudden it seems like my UiPath’s studio has been disabled. When I open the app it now tells me that I have to register the product but I registered it about 21 days ago and have been using it daily until my comp started freezing up.

Now it’s telling me I need to Activate and authenticate my version. When I click on “activate community edition” I get a stupid random error saying “There was an error trying to reach the activation server. You might be behind a firewall. Please contact your network administrator.”

I am on my work WiFi. The SAME one I have been using for weeks. I hopped over to my cell phone hotspot and I got the same error. I disabled my network firewall too. I think I messed with some type of setting when I created the new user profile and tried to open UIpath under that one. So I went back to my original profile that I always use and the error transferred over.

UIpath does not offer any type of desk support for community edition. I don’t know what to do I’m pulling my hair out on this one. Someone please help


Hi, @SkipE99

Try going to “C:\Users<userprofile>\AppData\Local\UiPath” and delete the “License” folder from there, then try again.
Please tell me if it helps.

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So I reinstalled windows completely. Now when I try to delete the “License” window it says that I need administrator permission to delete it even though I am logged in as the admin. I tried looking up this problem online and was able to eventually delete it. So I try opening UIpath studio again and it asks me to enter in the email to activate it. It says “thank you for activating.” Then it gives me this error and the “license” folder now reappears! I’m pulling my hair out over here

Looks like its working! :slight_smile:

I deleted the License folder and then also deleted the appdata\locals\roaming\Nuget folder and it loaded.