UiPath - Read Excel / Write Range / Append Range besed on a variable


I’m new on UiPath and need your help for my project.

I would want to create new Excel files based on an initial one named “TEST_JSON_EXTRACTV2.xlsx” and then, append range (screen enclosed)
ReadExcel.xaml (13.2 KB)
For each User (variable value) in Column A, I want to create, daily, new Excel files. “TEST_JSON_EXTRACTV3” +""+Datetime.Now.toString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)+""+sUSER.ToString+".xlsx"
If an excel already exists, then append data below.
And, I also want to increment Excel files with its own rows
For example :
For the excel “TEST_JSON_EXTRACTV3_19-06-2019_carole.xlsx” ; I will have lines 1 and 2
For the excel “TEST_JSON_EXTRACTV3_19-06-2019_carole.xlsx” ; I will have line 3

Creation is OK but append range doesn’t work very well as it is overwriting data…. And dispatch is not OK …
I share the xaml for easy guidance …

Can you please help me?
Many thanks

Hi buddy @Carole

Welcome to uipath community
what is the value of this boolean variable, no value is assigned to it, as no value is assigned the default value of a boolean variable is FALSE so it goes to the ELSE part of if condition and goes for write range rather to a append range, ALWAYS

provide the value to this boolean variable sTestJsonExists,

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Carole

Many thanks for your answer …
I didn’t assign any value to the variable as, for me, condition per default is TRUE for Then and FALSE for Else … Append range is working but it overwrites data …
Any other idea ? …

Unless a boolean value or a output of a condition (which would be a boolean) is passed to that variable sTestJsonExist, Append range wont work buddy, thats the concept here, and only Write range will work as the condition will go to ELSE part due to default value of FALSE in the variable sTestJsonExists
Cheers @Carole