Uipath queues presentation

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone here have a ppt presentation for uipath queues? I just don’t know how will I start or have only minimal ideas on what should I put on my presentation for it to be detailed. Thank you if someone can provide.

Hey @Gus_Fring i don’t have any ppt with me but i can give you some ideas that you can include in your presentation

*First you can mention how to create a queue
*Then about the retry option available in the queue.
*Queues are related to the folders in the orchestrator you can mention that too.
*Then about the status of the queue items.
*How to add items to queue using UiPath
*What will be the status of items once it is added.
*How to retrieve queue items using UiPath
*What will be the status of queue once it is processed.

These are some sample informations.
Also you can refer to the documentation of queues
You will get better ideas from there
[Queue Documentation]
(About Queues and Transactions)


Sreejith S S