UiPath Python training scope (machine learning)

Dear Automation community,
I am working on a requirement where the UiPath code is invoking a python script to perform reconciliation between 2 database tables and identifies the 1:1 matching records (based on primary/foreign keys) and creates an output.
For rest of the records where the confidence level is not 100% (where one of the keys is not matching exactly), the python code is currently not providing any results set. The expectation is to set a confidence level and if the python code is able to identify these records, there has to be a trainer scope within UiPath based on the output of the python code to remember the most closely matching records.

We should be able to eventually assign the close matches also as a part of the desired results. Examples: are as below and request you to suggest if there are any alternates solutions that I am missing.
Table 1:

ID Dept Name Project Name Budget
17012 MOD Ministry of Defence Plasma Canon 1,220,120.00
17013 MOHS Ministry of Health Sciences Covid Research 456,081.00
17014 MOE Ministry of Education
17015 MIA Ministry of Internal Affairs
17016 MEA Ministry of External Affairs
17017 AHD Agricultural and Horticultural Department Flower Show -2021 193,000.00

Table 2:

Dept Project Month Actuals
MOD Plasma Canon Jan-2021 130,000.00
AHD Flower Show Jan-2021 85,000.00


ID Dept Name Project Name Budget Actuals Accruals
17012 MOD Ministry of Defence Plasma Canon 1,220,120.00 130,000.00 1,090,120.00

But next time we get the same details, I want the output to consider the 2nd line from Table 2, even though it is not matching 100% but is most likely the same event/project expected.

Santosh Sundar

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