UiPath Python Host32 has stopped working

Hello everyone,

I’m running into the following error while trying to run a Python script:

There has only been one single post about this before that is still unresolved, so I’m hoping that maybe by now there’s been a solution… :confused:

Hi @BintaS

Check the below post

Ashwin S

Hi @AshwinS2

As far as I can see, the post you linked is about a different kind of error, right? Can you maybe specify a little bit more how I can use that post to help me with the “…stopped working” message? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi BintaS,

Instead of running Python script, You could use the following steps inside Python scope:

  1. Load Python Script and give the output as input to Invoke Python method activity.
  2. Invoke Python method and give the function name along with the input parameters.
  3. Get Python object to get the output of the Python code.

Go through the following file to have a better understanding:

TEST.xaml (10.4 KB)

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Where you able.to resolve the problem- uipathpythonhost not running?

In my case. Change the “Target” to “x86” in [Python Scope] . Fix it.

I am also getting this error.
Has anyone identified why?
It seems to be something related to windows.

Answer dumb friend