Uipath project name vs project.json

When you create a new project, you are asked to enter the project name, where you are not allowed to use a space " " or even parentheses “(” or “)”.

However, after you create a project with the valid name, save it and exit it, you can see project.json file in the folder. When you open the .json file, you can freely change the project name, and you can even use a space or parenthesis.

Is this a type of bug? Could there be a problem if you modified the json file and added a space or a parenthesis in the project name? I personally prefer using them because of readability. (UiPath_SalesModification_2019 or UiPathSalesModification2019 are harder to read than UiPath Sales Modification 2019)

What do you all think? and why can we use those special characters in json file but not when you are creating the project?

Have you tried publishing it to Orchestrator with those characters? The name is the Package Name that will be used after deployment. If Orchestrator allows those characters, then I’d imagine there must be a disconnect from Studio to what can be used in Orchestrator for Package Name. I don’t see why they couldn’t remove a few characters from restriction unless there is a problem with it being uploaded to the database and into Orchestrator.

Either way, I nearly always edit the project.json with a new package name, because I’m not usually sure what the name will be at first.


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