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Can some one please let me what the general steps are for monitoring bots in production?
Also, how are errors handled in production and general duties of a production support role?


Most of organizations have different approaches to monitor bots in production
Common thing is to monitor the jobs in orchestrator and check the logs when the bot got failed

For error handling you need to get required permission from the team according to the severity of the error

General duties involves

  1. Monitoring the bots uptime
  2. Monitoring the jobs and logs
  3. Alerting team if the bots continues failing
  4. Raising the tickets to appropriate team for further action
  5. Sending statistics of the day bot run

Above are most involved in daily activities and varies depending upon the organization

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Just one more question… are the logs monitored manually or is there any industry standard for this?


Let me try keep it in a simple way

  1. It is not like a person will sit and see which bot is running and which bot bot failed. Usually we can set an alert in orchestrator like if any bots get failed it will send a notification to a mail id

In that way you can provide your teams group mail if so that they get notified which bot got failed

This is one way of monitoring the bot while There are two set of teams who works in production support
One is infra team
Another is technical team

When there is any issue with infra level like orchestrator crash or bot getting crashed or getting disconnected or any application involved in bot process gets crashed
Then they will pitch in and solve the issue

While if there is any issue with bot like bot getting failed because of business or system exception then technical support team will deep dive and solve it at the earliest

These two teams will play a major in monitoring, supporting, and solving the issues in production support

And for this

For monitoring logs there are two ways possible

  1. First if you get to notice any exception then we can monitor with the orchestrator Job logs

  2. Or if you have a third party application like a analytical tool for example KIBANA or UiPath Insights
    You can monitor in a graphical representation and in a streamlined way of approach

Hope this would help you

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A few things:

*You can set Orchestrator alerts to be notified by email for certain things based on the logs.

*Hourly check (or as often is reasonable) of the Orchestrator Monitoring page

*Manual check of Jobs and Queues for abnormal amount of failed status

In the event of an error happening, it is important to quickly determine the scope of failure:

  • Is the whole Orchestrator down?
  • Is it limited to one machine?
  • Is it limited to a process?

This should allow proper response to be drawn and who needs to be informed of the error.
Hope this helps.