UiPath process stuck at "Kill process" and not continuing

I have a process that calls “Kill Process” activity with name=EXCEL inside a retry scope (3 retries) , it works until today where the executor got stuck on this activity and didnt continue to the next activity. I checked the uipath executor log and it didnt return any exception.

Whats the reason for this and is there a workaround?

Hi, Retry Scope activity is specific. If there is an application error / business exception in it, it will not be recorded.

You can do the following logic test using:


This flow works like this:
We set BOOL = FALSE as the failure condition to exit the Retry Scope loop.
We are doing something..
The BOOL variable will only become TRUE when “something” executes correctly.
Otherwise, the Retry Scope is repeated automatically. Ie. that BOOL remains FALSE. After three such attempts, the Retry Scope produces an activity error. Then you can handle it with Try Catch.

Thanks for the reply. If the activity in the retry did throw an exception it would trigger the retry which will retry 3 times before the retry scope throws an exception.

In my case it just got stuck indefinitely (like something is blocking the execution) until i had to manually stop the process. This is just a simple kill process in a retry scope so it works almost all the time apart from this one time

UiPath just call a command from cmd for killing processes. Therefore, I think the problem probably is related to excel. You can reinstall microsoft office applications.