UIPath process sometimes cannot bring(Attach) Chrome browser upfront

Hi Guys,

I am using UIpath process with unattended bot for about 4-5 months in window 7 64 bit machine and so far no error.

Recently, my coy upgraded the bot machine to better hardware with window 10 64bit and that process was ported (copy) over to new PC also same with unattended robot license, same robot version.

What I encountered is, let’s say that computer has Excel, Word and other processes are running all day. When my UIPath schedule starts, the robot open chrome , go to some websites and download the reports.

Now after I change the new PC, no matter how many attach activities that I put in the process, sometimes robot can bring chrome browser upfront , click all button correctly, sometimes cannot bring browser upfront , so some images cannot read since excel or word is covering.

I have no idea since I cannot find any fault in the process.

Even in my manual run, sometimes browser coming upfront , sometimes cannot come upfront.

Please please suggest me guys.

I have the admin privileges in my domain and I also installed and run robot as admin.

Many thanks,


You can use Show Window Activity to bring the required window to the foreground.

When you open the browser, save the windows variable into an variable.
In the Show Window Activity, use the same windows variable to bring to the foreground.


Karthik Byggari


Thank u sir, It worked. :smiley:


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