UiPath Process Mining Foundation - Final Exam

You’ve reached the end of the Process Mining Foundation program! The Final Exam guided you through all topics you’ve learned in this program.

What was the most complex part of your final exam? What lessons learned would like to share with others?

I am unable to access - UiPath Academy

Process mining foundation course learning.

Kindly suggest

Try also this link: https://academy.uipath.com/DirectLaunch?cid=/nG6AJoonLI_&io=tgpwv6P5Xm0_&md=nNLApdJeWJI_

You need to be logged in into Academy, with a valid user (any user, these courses are public, just not visible from the Academy search).

Also, if the page is not loading at first (you get an empty page) try refreshing the page (i.e. F5 on the browser) – sometimes it doesn’t load from the first time.