UiPath process is not running completely from UiPath Assistance but running correctly from UiPath Studio

I have developed a process through UiPath Studio 2022 enterprise version. When I deployed the BOT into production, then also the process is running fine from the UiPath Studio Run mode, but when I created nupkg file and try to run it from UiPath Assistant, the BOT start running the process but after completing partial transaction, the process is getting stopped.
I checked and compared logs for both of the cases but found no difference. Please help me what I am missing here.

Hi @Shitlesh_Bakshi

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Check the Windows Application logs in Event viewer may be that might give you more info on why it failed

Are you getting any exception from the bot when it is stopped?


Hello @Anil_G
No issues are being logged in the UiPath log files and the local log files which I’ve created to track the events of the process. But let me check the Windows Application Logs for more clarity.

Further to this, any more inputs are much welcome.

Shitlesh Bakshi

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