UIPath Practical Exam Certification

Hi Guys,

My workflow is working fine but I just don’t get it why I still didn’t pass. It also produced the right output file. My grade is 63. I can attached my whole workflow here for other developers to see.

check separate xaml file for login to acme, with correct definition and functionality. ,
check config file - config.xlsx for extra configurations for acme_url and acme_credential,
check for renaming activities 1,
check for renaming activities 2,
check usage of transactiondata,
check against using hardcoded values 2,
check using correct city values,
check for correct usage of items from the transactionitem 2

This is really frustrating.

Hi @caduque

Looks like you have missed some points here. So the main thing is you have to use the REFramework for the exam and add all the other wotkflows in it in required locations.

You should have a separate xaml file created for the login process under a folder dedicated to ACME system. Also make sure you have renamed the activities and have added comments on the top and where required

Your config file should have these mentioned values under settings sheet. Make sure to use the same name as they have specified here along with a description under description column

Looks like you have some activities that you havent renamed to a meaningful name. Check for those and do the renaming

Have you used the transactionData variable as they have mentioned? Check for the required configuration in the scenario you got and change and use accordingly.

You are also not allowed to use hard coded values anywhere…

Have you used the correct city names for the scenario? Or have you hard coded it? Make sure those are specified without hard coding. You can try adding them in the excel for example.

Have you provided the correct data type for trnasactionitem variable? And have to changed it in all required locations?

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I have had the same on my evaluation and I do not understand this. There was a requirement to process only specific countries, nothing related to cities…

I do hope they add a human developer to check submissions for special occasions.

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