UiPath Platform installer doesn't install

had UiPath studio 19.7.0 installed and working but our bots only have 19.4.3. So for business reasons I uninstalled 19.7.0 and copied UiPathPlatformInstaller-2019.4.3.exe from our project into Downloads folder and opened. The Installer screen then opens (shown below), when I click the install button I get a sub-popup saying “Initializing…” then it closes leaving the installer window open.

No errors are found and no installation occurs. The Platform Installer window remains open with same options as initially. I tried cleaning out programFiles, programData, appdata, and rebooting.

What is wrong?

Once I had really strange situation. The installer.exe were not starting the installation. For any reasons I replaced the exe. Even the filesize from old exe and new exe were the same. But when I executed the replaced installer.exe Installation started and finished sucessfully.

Give a try on this as it can be done very quickly.