UIPath Pivot Table "move to column labels" for Field selection not working on Orchestrator

I am currently using UIPath v 2018.4.5 . I am trying to automate the creation of a Pivot table in a new sheet. The steps till checking the boxes are created . When I want to move the headers to either filters or columns or values. The pop up menu for the same isn’t getting detected by the Orchestrator.

Reference Link:

The pop up is as shown below
image .

This is recognised when I run it on Studio. But When I run it on the orchestrator I get the below error.


I have checked with the right resolution of the screen and also tried using Drag and drop activity for the same.
Reference link-
How To Automate 'Drag And Drop'.

Did Not find any luck.
I am trying to avoid VBA codes and automate it through clicks.
Please help me with the same.

I hope the issue with the clicks will always be there when you are clicking it on the excel @pratosha.hegde

But you can do anything in UiPath :slight_smile: … Better to use Invoke code to have a perfect solution (Just my opinion)

Hello HareeshMR,

Thank you for your response! :slight_smile:
I am new to VBA codes. Is there function only to move the existing Pivot Table field values to column field, row field and Values field.

Yes, we have a great option of recording macro in excel @pratosha.hegde. Just record the things you want to do , even from the starting or wherever you want and save the file in the known location. Then use that macro in the Invoke VBA activity. So that the macro will take care of all the required. If you want any changes, you can make it dynamic with a simple changes in VBA @pratosha.hegde

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Hi @pratosha.hegde

You can start VBA by record macro code to study know how to do.

And then you can optimize codes which saved from recording code to use for your self.


Thanks for your response.
I want to automate the entire process using UIPath Robot and Orchestrator without the usage of VBA scripts. Isn’t it possible using UIPath itself?
The workflow has no issues on UIPath Studio. But the selector for “move to column labels” is not detected using Orchestrator

Hi @pratosha.hegde

I think many jobs will become easier if we combined many way to do because many job will become complex if you use Uipath only to do.

Is there any other approach other than VBA?

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