Uipath Packages: Most useful ones


  1. Which are the most useful packages that I should download?

  2. Is there any easy way to download ALL the packages?

Thank you

Hello @Anonymous2,

When you create a new process using UiPath’s Default Process Templates 4 packages are loaded by default in most cases you can get your work done using these. That said you will have to install other packages (from UiPath/Community Developers) based on your need.

Note that a project must contain only those dependencies that is required for it to run. Keeping unused dependencies is a bad idea.

Also, these no need to identify which are the most useful ones as its subjective & given that there are 1000+ nuget packages (Custom Activities alone) on UiPath’s official Nuget Feed & Nuget.org has a total of 216,387 packages as of writing this post, I don’t think you should look for options to download “All the Packages”. I would recommend you download / explore packages on need basis.

Hope that helps ! Kudos :slight_smile:




I can’t download the packages on a as-I-need basis.

I can only download the packages once or at long intervals on an Intranet computer. So I need to download the most useful/popular ones.

Eg, which are the most useful packages for pdf, MS office, Excel?

Thank you


Can someone help with the above query? which are the most useful packages for pdf, MS office, Excel?

Thank you

Hi ,

When the Task is mostly related to Documents , We can Make sure these activities are ready

UIpath.Excel.Activities , UIpath.Word.Activities , UIpath.PDF.Activities ,

In case of reading OCR text uipath.OCR.Activities will be useful