UiPath Packages just disappeared

I have some problems with my uiPath Community Edition. Last week was working fine but now just disappear almost everything. Let me show you captures:

I can see local packages:

But now I want to install UiPath.word.activities that we can find in ‘Official’ section. So I’ve clicked ‘Official’ and take a lot of time searching connection:

Then finish like this (No package found):

It looks like it is a connection problem because i cannot see Go! packages and nuget.org Packages… but where?

The url of the package as by default:

How to resolve this? any ideas? uipath? proxy? internet security options?

The only way i’ve found to solve for now is to download the packages directly from the source and make a local call, but I’ve really want to not need to download every package I need :frowning:

Let me know if you can find some answers and thank you for your help

but i dont find anything been searched here

is that searched out there
Kindly correct me if i m wrong
Cheers @KevinDS

Hi @Palaniyappan The search box can be empty, it allows you to see all packages in that section. Then if you know a name of a package into that section you can find it typing in the search box. But normally as it appears in the first capture all the packages are visible at first sight when you click the section (in this case Official)

The problems is that it looks like my uipath can`t connect to the URL of the official packages and then the uiPath tells me ‘No packages found’ So I want to understand how to solved the connection

Kindly uninstall the uipath studio and reinstall and try it once
Hope that would work for sure
Cheers @KevinDS


The problem was that last week I was doing some IP/Port Configurations. So In all that configurations I’ve changed some IP parameters Into uipath config but it wasn’t needed. So I’ve just erased that Ip/Port configuration and that was it.

The file I’ve change was this one:

I’ve had a config tag redirecting de uiRobot through client port:

<add key="http_proxy" value="http://proxy_server:port" />

Ive just erased that because i don’t need it
Thank you for your help guys :star_struck:

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