UiPath Packages Documents

Hi, I am a new comer to this community. I already finished the UiPath RPA Academy. Although there are some of activities documents; I don’t see any .net UiPath.core’s documents or anything similar.

Anyone knows where to look? I intended to use activity like “invoke method” but I couldn’t find a list of methods.

Thank you


Invoke Method should be a default installation. Check the forum to see if there are any issues with the latest release. I seem to remember some problems with UiPath.Core activities in one release…


For some activities (like InvokeMethod), they’re from Microsoft. One way to check is look at the namespace in Properties panel:

If it’s from System or Microsoft namespaces, it’s documentation is on MSDN.
For UiPath activities, check Activities Guide.

What about UiPath classes(Namespace?) methods. I am talking about methods in classes UiPath created. Is there any documentation or I shouldn’t be worried and use only activities provided?
Today my kind of solution is press ctrl+shift+spacebar and a popup will show what I have to pass and what will I get when it returns; but I don’t know how the method works.

I am not sure I clarify my question clear enough. If not, please tell me.

Thank you