Uipath Outlook Design

Hi Team,

As per our current environment, we had HCL notes in each and every server and hence it was easy to connect notes and fetch mails but now we are migrating from HCL notes to Outlook

The issue is outlook will be installed in only in 1 machine which has internet.

This outlook has to connect with multiple other machine with doesn’t have internet

What can be best possible approach for this



So, you have several machines that your robots are running on, but only one will have outlook installed?

Outlook does not need direct internet access if the mail server is on premise, so I’m guessing you have O365/Exchange in the cloud?

I’m also guessing because of that you have an on premise orchestrator.

If this really is the infrastructure and there is no way to change it (open up some ports and endpoints in the firewall) you could make that machine only handle outlook stuff.
You could use one orchestrator queue for telling that machine to send e-mails, and other queues you populate with the information you read from that machine.