UiPath Out of Memory

@Fekke UiRobot is the application in charge of executing workflows created with UiPath Studio. UiPath Studio communicates with UiRobot through a WCF service that is hosted by default on named pipes.
By default, the maxReceivedMessageSize of the named pipes binding is 65,536.

When you debug a workflow, the values of all available variables and arguments are also sent. This may increase the size of the message and make the communication channel faulted. When this happens, studio may no longer be able to communicate with the robot. I guess this might be the reason you are receiving the communication object faulted exception.

Can you try increasing this value, in UiRobot.exe.config for both DefaultDuplexEndpoint and ExecutorEndpoint and let us know if you see any change?



Communication exception…this is a common issue to us…not sure why this error comes out nowhere…

It seems like a defect to me.

My server config : 64 bit processor
Ram : 16 GB

Can anyone help pls ?

I got the same problem and can easily reproduce the error… It happens when the a variable gets bigger than 22kB which is small, specially when you use files of http get.

Debugging fails but running normally works. I tried changing the maxReceivedMessageSize in the UiRobot.exe.config and Studio.exe.config
Main.xaml (5.9 KB)


any feedback from UIPath, its been a while

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Iam facing a completly different issue. My workflow runs perfectly fine, but if i leave the workflow for some days.
All click activities gives me exception saying Uipath core element exception, the selector is completly working fine just few days back and now it gives exception, I need to change all the activities again.
Can anyone help me with this.
This is consuming a lot of time for me, doing all the things again.

Thanks & Regads

We will need more details, maybe a separate thread for your issue.

I had this problem is about log output but the memory couldn’t save, so memory out of. because the code had a loop, it will keep out the log in memory . I hope it can help you