Uipath orchestratror problems

@sumitd yes i would like to think so, We updated our Robots and orchestrator to the 2019.10 edition, and havend noteced a bring-into-vieuw errror in 4 weeks.

Thank you, @DS_renewi
I am using 2019.10.2 CE and Orchestrator CE (platform.uipath.com).
Not sure how to find out Orchestrator’s version? Any suggestions?

@sumitd you can find out your version at the bottom left if you are using the enterprise edition of orchestrator.
Same for the plathform version

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Hello All,
I’ve you tried to use the Enterprise version of Robot?
I have got some cases where some activities run :UiPath.UiNodeClass.BringIntoView() exception
I’ve search for many weeks, and the issue was solve by installing a trial Enterprise version 19.4.4 connected to my free cloud orchestrator.
And the robot do his job completely.


@DS_renewi, I am using UiPath Community Edition 2019.10.3 (latest available) and using Orchestrator available on platform.uipath.com version Orchestrator Community Edition 2020.1.3.

I will not be able to upgrade Studio beyond 2019.10.3 as nothing after this is available. I am not sure how can I downgrade Orchestrator to match Studio.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

I got it working.

Following are the three things that need to be done:

  1. https://docs.uipath.com/robot/docs/executing-tasks-in-a-minimized-rdp-window
  2. UiPath does not work in Cloud
  3. Check “Send WindowMessages” checkbox for all clicks


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Hello, Please let me follow up this post.
Do you mean if i have a log-off machine, say I just disconnected from remote desktop, the schedule trigger set on Orchestrator cannot be run?

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Hi @kennethmhp

If your robot is running as a service for the entire machine, then you can always launch your processes, even though you logged out from your machine (as long as the service is running, of course).

You can learn more here:

I just found the Community edition is not able to install the window service. The MSI version installer is the licensed one.

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