UiPath Orchestrator Update - 2018.4.3 -> 2019.10.20

I’ve updated UiPath Orchestrator from 2018.4.3 to 2019.10.20. Everything went ok with the update. But now, i’m trying to access any tenant and it’s impossible. It’s like the orchestrator forgot every user: host, default and other tenants. I don’t know what to do. :frowning: and I cannot use ‘forgot password’ because they are not mails linked to the tenants or users.

Hi @KevinDS,
Please contact with our Technical Support.

Thank you. I’m on it :slight_smile: I’ve posted it just if someone has the same problem

Sure thing :slight_smile:
Please do not forget to write solution when you will get it so it can be useful for others.

At the end. Was a syncronization problem. I had to restart again the service and the machines and that solvede the issue

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