Uipath orchestrator sql database not update on time

We have a production orchestrator environment with 15 unattended bots. Its working fine.
My concern is - when I log in to the orchestrator SQL server, I cannot see the latest record in the tables. It had records few hours ago.
Why it happens like that?
And how can we get at the real time data from orchestrator SQL database?

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may i know the sql statement used on querying
Cheers @Chathura01001

SELECT Jobs.Id, Jobs.StartTime, Jobs.EndTime, Jobs.State, Jobs.RobotId, Jobs.ReleaseId, Releases.Name, Jobs.CreationTime
Releases ON Jobs.ReleaseId = Releases.Id
WHERE (Releases.Name = N’Kreeda_BOM_Split_Kreeda Dedicated’)
ORDER BY Jobs.StartTime DESC

Anyone have an idea regarding this?