UiPath Orchestrator Similar URL'S


While I am doing Orchestrator Training Certification, I am found two URL’S for Orchestrator.

  1. platform.uipath.com
  2. staging.uipath.com

I find that two are similar or same.

  1. Why UiPath created two URL’s for Orchestrator?
  2. Is there any changes or differences between two URL’S?

Please explain in detail.

Thank you,
Pavan Nama

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hi buddy @Pavan_Nama

Welcome to uipath community

  1. platform. uipath.com
    is a cloud platform which was recently launched to integrate all resources under a single roof
    UiPath Cloud Platform - Public Preview


  1. staging.uipath.com
    is usually used while connecting orchestrator with API and for more insights on this

thats the basic difference buddy @Pavan_Nama
so for your lesson and training as of now we can use the first one platform.uipath.com
hope this would help you

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It is really helpful, Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Cheers @Pavan_Nama

@Pavan_Nama - staging is our own internal environment that we use for testing. You do not want to be using it as it is not expected to be reliable at all :slight_smile:.
We will have the documentation updated to not reference it. That was just a mistake.


@tarekmadkour - Ok, I understand. I am not using it. I just saw it in a video and I got this doubt.

Thank you for reply :slight_smile:

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