Uipath orchestrator not working with rdp

im trying to program ochestrator to execute process in RDP windows desktop. the process usually generates error. use cases are 1. RDP minimize and orchestrator connected , shows error.2. RDP close and orchestrator launches the robot.Some boday has input a bout this

You set the credential of RDP in orchestrator? I think this error shown because Robot can’t identify your RDP section. For more understanding can you share any screen??


Nop, hoiw doi do thta i havent seen this option in orchestrator. Here goes the image of the error

that error because of your robot not able to recognize some Ui Element. the issue because the resolution is difference as when you were coding it.

That error is because of bot not able to recognize the UiElement.

Check the UiElement is static or dynamic, you can check the selector is changing or fixed.

If it is changing then you need to create a dynamic selector using UiExplorer