UiPath Orchestrator Not Connecting


not able to connect to UIRobot , UIOrchestrator with my UIStudio.

have done everything correct but still the same issue.

does machine name, username and domain name are case sensitive ?

Couple of days back it was working fine but when I am trying to set robot back studio it is not allowing to do so either.

Thanks for help,

Hi, seems like Orchestrator is not recognizing any spare licenses. Would you be able to clear your settings in Orchestrator and try creating machine and robot from scratch again? Double-check Machine Key and used type of license.

yes I have done that many times but still facing the same issues. not sure why.

also settings are disable in orchestrator .

I am not aware how do we clear them out , can you please suggest ?

By clearing I meant deleting machines and robots to have a clear state. Did you try to disconnect from Orchestrator and reconnect again? Can you send a screenshot of the license overview?

sure here are the screenshots attached

yes , i have done disconnecting orchestrator and re-connecting several times. sometimes its just feel thats it works automatically without doing anything :frowning:

Can you confirm, that username is correct? Can you open command line (type cmd.exe into windows search) and query ‘whoami’ compare with whats in there?

Machine shows multiple installed versions, as if there were multiple machines. There is only one version of studio/robot installed on the machine, right?

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There are 2 versions right now . Does that create a problem ?

Two versions installed on your machine or listed in the Orchestrator. If locally, then yes, we have seen issues with multiple UiPath versions on the same machine.


you are correct but when I am trying to unsintall and re-install the same its again installing two versions , dont know why :frowning: