Uipath Orchestrator migration from 8.* to 2018.1.*

Is there any way to migrate UiPath Orchestrator from 8 or 8.1 to 2018.1.*. Do we need to migrate to intermediate version like 2016.2 or 2017.1 before we migrate to latest version? It will be great if you have a patch to migrate the same or if you can share the steps.

Similarly for UiPath Studio 8 to 2018.1.*. Thanks in advance for your support


There are some scripts available (see the resources section on the website), certainly for migrating from 8 to 2016.1 but you are a long way out of date. In my opinion you’d be better off starting again and trying to manually update any existing data you have or just archive it.

Studio also has some update issues if you are making a big jump, e.g. certain activities are deprecated. There are resources on the forum for these situations but most are making smaller jumps.

Ultimately, there’s no need for moving intermediately, I don’t think you’ll see a huge benefit. In future, I would recommend upgrading as soon as the new release comes out to avoid these problems.


Thanks RD. I understand that.

Do any one have architecture document for Control Room/Orchestrator 8.1

Couple of threads on this if you search the forum.

e.g. The technical architecture of uipath - #5 by aksh1yadav

I’m not sure where the full documentation is if you can’t find it in the resources section of the uipath.com website.

Hi Richarddenton,
Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately this seems to be the documentation for 2016.1.* or 2016.* version. Previously in v8 and below versions concept of Control Room was there and not Orchestrator for which I don’t have any idea and seems that the architecture was different. I had raised a service request to uipath but since vendor is not supporting the given version they are not willing to provide the documentation or they don’t have the documentation around this. I have also heard that the architecture seems to be completely different hence wanted to get insight about it.

Hi all,

Please find attached a document describing the database of the UiPath Control Center that was used back in the day for V7.* and V8.*

I hope it helps.


UiPath Control Center Database Description.pdf (210.8 KB)

Thanks @Bogdan_Popescu!!! This is useful. We will crack this together

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