UiPath Orchestrator machine key

When i am trying to connect the machine in uipath platform but it is showing machine key is invalid. Can any one please help me

Thank you

Check in Orchestrator if you have same machine name(Desktop-677F14H)

Yes @Shanmukh08

Can you post the image of Orchestrator Machine Key page

Have maybe created robot in Orchestrator already and connected it to machine?
Please also try to write full address including you account name and service name like:

https://platform.uipath.com/<account name>/<service name>

You can see this in address bar when you are in orchestrator tenant page :slight_smile:

Please also tell me when have you created this orchestrator tenant?

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after adding account name and service name it is showing like this
And orchestrator tenant was created on oct 1st 2019
thank you

Check this post for more info @harishraj

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Please check this topic @harishraj


Thanks @HareeshMR , Its working