Uipath orchestrator, how to schedule the queue by range

UiPath orchestrator, I have a queue with 600 data, from which I have to run the first 200 in the morning at 8 am, another 200 in the afternoon at 2 p.m., and the remaining 200 at night, how do I schedule it

Hi @ashishmani ,

You can create three separate schedules for each time range. In the morning, set a schedule with a trigger at 8 a.m. and a limit of 200 items. In the afternoon, set another schedule for 2 p.m. with a limit of 200 items. Finally, create a third schedule for the remaining 200 items in the evening. This way, the queue will be executed in three batches based on the specified time ranges.



  1. Modify Process to Accept Parameters:
  • Modify your process to accept input parameters for item range.
  1. Create Three Processes:
  • Create three processes, each configured to process a different range of items (e.g., 1-200, 201-400, 401-600).
  1. Create Three Triggers:
  • In Orchestrator, create three triggers, one for each time slot (morning, afternoon, night).
  • Set the triggers to start at 8 am, 2 pm, and your desired night time.
  • Configure input parameters for each trigger to specify the item range for processing.
  1. Enable and Test:
  • Enable the triggers.
  • Test to ensure the processes run at the specified times, processing the correct item ranges.

are the Segments run parallel by more Robots or only by a single one?

@RajKumar_DC Thanks for the reply, but the requirement is that we can not create a separate queue. we have to work on the same queue.

Hi @ashishmani

Use the time trigger to trigger the bot at 8Am, 2pm and night.

But write a condition in the code that if transaction number = 200 then stop then direct the bot to end process state.

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in the same machine.

Hi @ashishmani ,

Sorry we can able to use Queue range based Trager.


in addition to

we asked:

if only 1 bot is processing the Segment a simple check on TransactionNumber can be exploited.

When working in parallel with more Bots we could use the ORC Rest Api for a modified Get Transaction Logic

thankyou, i think this will help me

Thank you @ashishmani

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