UiPath Orchestrator first time login for version

Installer(.exe or .msi): UiPath Platform installer

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Trial

Studio/Robot version: Version 19.4.40

Current behavior: Unable to login first time. What is the username and password for first time login


Hi @Reetu

Do you have a screen shot of this error ?


Thank you Vijay. UiPth technical team provided the details below. I had to run the SQL query and then it worked. Thank you for your support as well.

For your first time login, please see the following credentials:

Tenant: Default
Username: admin
Password: 890iop

If this doesn’t work, please reset the password by running the following sql query in your db replacing %UIPATH ORCHESTRATOR DATABASE NAME% with the name of your db:

Set password=‘ALWTidnzgaDN04zwfIjlx3ogbXNNer7/QbO9y3Q4LV/MLY+2TaazMLEggpO8/b7/Kg==’, IsFirstLogin=‘1’
where UserName=‘admin’ AND TenantId=‘1’

Once you have done so, return to the login page and try the same credentials again and you will be prompted with a page to change your password.