Uipath Orchestrator Error?

Any one help for me. why it’s showing like this.


Are you using cloud.uipath.com site or not to login into your tenant ?

i’m using cloud.uipath.com

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Could you please take screenshot of system tray of that machine and show me once.

And also go to Robots page and check whether it is connected to that machine or not.


Could you please change Orchestrator URL to https://cloud.uipath.com and logout from orchestrator and then relogin and check once.

it’s not working.


Could you please check the logs and see where it is failing.

12:09:52.2736 => [INFO] [UiPath.Studio.exe] [1] BusyWaitForRobotConnectionStatus took 447 ms.

some times my robot showing like this. Processes Available and No Processes Available.


Could you please republish the process and then try again.

it’s not working.


Could you please help him

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Hi @ajkv,
Please try to make new robot from scratch on https://cloud.uipath.com and try to connect it with robot in system. Then please check if problem will be the same.


same error is come

It is very weird. Do you have the possibility to check it natively in Windows (not VM on Linux). Maybe somehow network is affected.

i’m using remote via windows. last week it’s working till it’s not working.

Any windows/linux updates?
Are you sure that you are using cloud.uipath.com instead of platform.uipath.com?

now i got this error

nothing is updated. then i’m using “https://cloud.uipath.com