UiPath Orchestrator docs website is down?

When I try to open either of these links it says “Project doesnt exist… yet!”




Check this post @GauravMajithia seems some improvements and maintainance

@HareeshMR, @GauravMajithia

It is working for me

Still I’m not able to connect @hacky:slight_smile:

Don’t know why :thinking:

I’m getting a weird message…

Yes, I’m getting the same.

I think it is because of the the https certificate they have added to the server. Seems they are modifying it :slight_smile:


Same here. I am trying to go to https://orchestrator.uipath.com/docs/prerequisites-for-installation and its down. Any idea when the site will be up?

More idea how long it will take… let’s try in about another hour or so…

@loginerror - Mentioned on one of the Post there are making some changes.