UiPath Orchestrator configuration

I am using trail version of UiPath.I want to do configuartion of orchestrator on trail version.
so which are the steps to do orchestrator configuartion ?
Also I want to execute multiple Robots simulteneously on server ? How to achieve this ?

Hey @shital


Thank You.
But what about simultaneous execution of multiple robots on orchestrator ?
is it possible ? if yes then please explain in detail.
Thanks in advance.

On the same time?


You can run multiple scripts on the same PC but not simultaneously.

Multiple workflows can be run on a Machine at the same time by diferent robots, if the robots are using different Windows sessions.
Eg. You have a Windows Server 2012, and you have 3 user accounts on that machine: user1, user2, user3. All users can execute a process(the same or different) simultaniously.

The limitation is per Windows session. 1 process/1 robot/1 session

@badita coorect me …if i am wrong here…!!