UiPath Orchestrator - Audit Logging

I have a couple of questions related to Audit Logging which I was unable to find by browsing the forum.

One - where do I see the actual audit log settings within the Orchestrator cloud application? I am looking for the configurations/settings window where I can see how the logs are configured, what they are configured to capture, and what the retention policy is configured to be. If this is something that is a default feature of Orchestrator, and something that I would be unable to view, I’d appreciate any confirmation.

Two - when Orchestrator logs are pushed to another server, like a SQL server, or a dedicated Elasticsearch server - where would I find these configurations within the Orchestrator cloud application?

Can I view either of the above configuration/settings screens from a normal user account, an admin account, a super user account, etc.?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I do not believe this is exposed with Cloud, at least not Community but I imagine not with Enterprise either as you are asking for UiPath as the vendor to manage the infrastructure.

With Enterprise Server (Private installation) you would find the log configuration configured with NLog in the Web.config. This includes logs for Robots, Orchestrator, crystal scheduling and defines what flows into MSSQL, Elastic Search, Insights or another target that you define like a flat file, event viewer, splunk, etc.

Regarding the Audit log, I haven’t seen configuration around this. From the Web UI you can go into User > Audit and use the filter to get an idea of what components and actions are logged. The audit log data is stored in the MSSQL database for Orchestrator.

To get a definite answer I would try reaching out to the Cloud Support Team.

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Thank you - that’s very helpful!

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