UIPath Orchestrator API OAuth token

Hello, i tried few different method still not able to get access the API. Do you have any simple guide step by step start from Authorization to start a job.


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Hi @rpa.target are you using postman for authorization and starting a job

UiPath_Demo_API.zip (4.0 KB)

Hi @rpa.target ,

Attached is the .xaml file for fetching the access token from the orchestrator, with the help of it triggered a job through an HTTP request. The attached workflow will start the job if the process is published in the modern folder in Orchestrator. Hope it helps.

Please provide four required inputs from the variable panel, before running.

  1. Client ID - Admin Page in Orchestrator (attached Screenshot for the same)
  2. User Key - Admin Page in Orchestrator (attached Screenshot for the same)
  3. FolderName in Orchestrator - Name of your modern folder
  4. ProcessName in Orchestrator - Name of the process to be triggered

Admin Page → Click on “API Access”

In the API Access page, you will be able to find “ClientID” & “UserKey” details.

yes, i’m using postman simulate the OAuth from external application. Not sure is it the licenses issues because we are testing under community.

Hi @rpa.target

Could you please share the configuration of your External Application (please sanitize the sensitive information):

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