UiPath Orchestrator API Help

I want to do API calls to UiPath Orchestrator but am facing some difficulties after reading multiple posts.

  1. What is the actual URL to do the calls?
    What do i put for tenancyName? Unable to find in login screen and any information regarding tenants, only information for users.

  2. Are there any examples of doing starting a job from orchestrator?
    I have seen many articles and posts but those are vague and none of them post the information of the exact URL and JSON sent to the orchestrator.


You have everything in this post @Gluon

Can you please look into it and let me know in case of issues. You will get the service name and service logical name in one step service logical name should be the tenant name

Can you post the output status of the request @Gluon?

May be the process needs some parameters or it is retrieving some values from the orchestrator. As per above screenshot, the parameters are passing null

Apologies, that was error on my part. I have found all helpful information in the link u have provided.

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