UiPath Orchestrator API : Authentication

Hi @aksh1yadav I am getting invalid credentials while trying http request,but im able to login using platform url. Could you please help me

Hey @Dinesh_S1

Just Cross check you are passing tenancy name as well in parameters and if you are passing already then make sure about spaces.


Hi @Dinesh_S1

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Please see the Cloud API Authentication guide here:

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Orchestrator API authentication for windows user. please share any workflow

Hi I’m uipath and API new user. I try to use authentication API but I get an error, I think it’s because of tenancyName, I don’t understand very well, which information should I put?

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Please go over this guide here:

Hi @loginerror thanks so much, I tried and it works fine.
Thank you

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@Dominic : this isn’t working for new versions. can you help?


The link posted by @loginerror above has instructions that work. What is not working for you?

Post screenshot of error…

I am using Orchestrator HTTP request activity, and i am unable to find the field to enter the Header Value mentioned by @loginerror in About OData and References

Hi @Anmol_Yadav

Normally the Orchestrator HTTP Request activity uses the context of your connected Robot. This is why you cannot modify the headers → the API calls should already be authenticated with the context of your Robot (including the context of a folder the robot is in).

To execute stand-alone api calls, you can use the HTTP Request activity from the UiPath.Web.Activities package.


When i am using HTTP request where should the JSOn be passed? In body or in parameters?
I did the authentication by passing the value in parameters but while scheduling when i am passing value in parameters it is showing JSON invalid.

It should be passed in body as one long string.
Your authentication strings should be added as headers.


Hey, Sorry for slow responses. I am travelling and have not been stable enough to try to test things out. LoginError seems to have it all under control though!

– M

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Why am i getting error in this? Not abe to set schedule by API?
SetSchedules.xaml (6.1 KB)