UiPath Orchestrator 2020.4 Update

Hello UiPath Team,

We are an existing customer currently running version 2019.4.4 of Orchestrator and are looking to upgrade to 2020.4 shortly.

How do we go about downloading the new Windows installers?

Please let me know at your earliest convenience… thank you!

Sarthak Jain
Flight Centre
Brisbane, Australia


You can use the below link to get the latest Enterprise edition:



Hi @sarthakj

You can go through

And go to resource center and download on enterprise download as follows


Thanks mate!!

But this link is for Studio 2020.4 download. I am looking for UiPath Orchestrator 2020.4 download file.

Sarthak Jain

Thanks a lot @Aniruddha_Gupta!!!

Could you also help on the upgrade guide for 2019.4 --> 2020.4 as well?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Sathak,

You can visit this link for learning more about Upgrading the Orchestrator from 19.x versions:

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