Uipath Orch-Best way of utilising

My organisation is using community edition.
since attended, unattended robots are limited. How best way I can utilise orch for production

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For production i would suggest to get a ENTERPRISE edition of orchestrator and robot
as to handle such large data and to maintain them its always advisable to get the ENTERPRISE EDITION of them
we can contact our uipath sales team on this for more details

Cheers @KarthikBallary

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But any way by community edition?
Comparing to Automation Anywhere, How far Uipath is best?

hmm…you can handle small scale of robots and data with community edition…which is highly robust and secure…but when going to production it is advisable to get enterprise edition
i truely dont know about other RPA Tool, but for me i would say uipath is best in RPA as i m using it for 3 years without any problem
Cheers @KarthikBallary

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Suppose a table contains 100 rows in UI. Each row will have a link by clicking on the link we do some work. Now I have 5 employees and each will take 20. If thy sit at a time. How do I divide work in Uipath. if thy run Uipath project at a time, it will start from first row

one among them or you can split the records, and thats possible with datatable right
so each can be given a set of records via a email, which they can take as input source
–that is once after getting the datatable with those 100 rows, use a assign activity like this
new_dt = dt.Copy
where new_dt is a variable of type system.data.datatable defined in the variable panel with default value as new system.data.datatable
–now use a clear datatable activity and mention the input as new_dt so that we will be getting the structure of datatabl alone
–now use a assign activity like this within a while loop
counter < 100
where counter is a variable of type int32 with default value as 20 defined in the variable panel
new_dt = dt.asenumerable.Take(counter).copytodatatable()
–next use send outlook mail activity and send the mail to relavant person
–then use clear datatable activity and mention new_dt as input
–then a assign activity with counter = counter + 1

so now each user can take the input from their mail and start processing and send back the report to the one who sent the input file, who can now merge all those reports together
Cheers @KarthikBallary

If number of rows are dynamic?

Then we can apply logic based on the total number of records
int_split = Math.Round(Convert.ToDouble(Dt.Row.Count/5))
where we can assign this as a input to counter so that it will take only those values
Cheers @KarthikBallary