UiPath Open Source Activities January 2021 release

We have given the Open Source activities the caring treatment they deserved and got around to making a few updates to some packages. Rest assured, all of them will be addressed with time, but some updates were more needed than others.

For all Community activity packages we have changed the versioning schema to semantic versioning (e.g. 1.2.0) so that it’s far easier to keep track of what version you’re using at a glance, instead of painstakingly squinting at those version numbers :nerd_face: This only applies to new releases, as it wouldn’t have made sense to publish a new version of a package if it had the exact same functionality as the previous version.

UiPath.Python.Activities 1.3.0

Welcome to 2021, Python activities! To kick the year off, we’ve made the activities compatible with Python 3.9 (v2.7 and v3.3+ are still supported). More over, starting with Python 3.5 and up, we are capable of automatically determining the Python version used, so you can leave the Version setting on Auto. We would have liked to do that for previous versions too, but the way Python is implemented prevents us from doing so.

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UiPath.Database.Activities 1.4.0

We’ve addressed some reported issues regarding Oracle database handling with these activities. Starting with this version, calling a stored procedure in Oracle using Execute Query has mapped output parameters, which only the Execute Non Query activity used to have until now. There was also a related bug which produced a Parameter 'msg': Value is too large to bind error message which we’ve fixed.

Oracle aside, we’ve also fixed a bug preventing you from using the Edit Query functionality for very large queries in the Execute Query activity. Also, some people reported a The Size property has an invalid size of 0 for some stored procedure calls using Execute Non Query against a SQL Server ODBC driver, which we have also fixed.

Full release notes

UiPath.Java.Activities 1.2.0

After some reports of failed initializations and NullReferenceExceptions, we have added a configurable Init timeout property to the Java Scope activity, which tells it how long to waiti for the runtime environment to come up before beginning execution.

The Invoke Java Method can now call Generic Methods and call methods passing nulls and empty arrays as parameters. Until now, if a method had an array parameter, passing null or an empty array would have produced typecast errors.

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