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We are trying to move all our bots with physical machine to the VM. So 1 VM with 2016 Server os will host the bots but when I tried to install Uipath, it was being shared to all the accounts.

Am I doing the installation wrong? I was hoping to do the install per user

I’m assuming these are Unattended Robots? You would installed UiPath Robot to the machine and enable the UiRobot as a service. If you don’t install and enable UiRobot as a service, which user account would need to be logged in with the UiRobot process running in order to accept the jobs.

If you are planning to have more than 2 concurrent jobs running on this host you’ll need to configured UiPath Robot in a High Density mode and purchase/install additional RDS CAL to support more than 2 concurrent RDP sessions, you would also configure the number of runtimes for the machine within Orchestrator.

thanks this help us a lot! Can I ask if I need to do anything special to enable UiRobot as a service? I checked on services and it is already in there.

Question though with the license, we have 10 slots for unattended for a license, if I set it up as a high density robot, will the slot be automatically be used like example I have 4 users on the VM when I installed UiPath, will it automatically use 4 license slot since the installation of UiPath is done as a 1 time thing.

Nothing special, I believe when using the UI of the MSI package it will ask you to configure the service by default. I don’t recall as I install using the MSI via CLI which there is a feature flag to register the service.

The license is used when you create the Robot Record in Orchestrator, in the below I have 14 NonProduction robots provisioned.



By default a Machine is provisioned with being allowed only 1 runtime (one concurrent job). You can see the configured runtimes by clicking on “See More” for each type of Robot license.

In the following example, I would be able to have 2 Robots run 2 concurrent jobs on the one machine.

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