UiPath Office365Message object to MailMessage object?

I’m working on a Office365 demo for automating attachments and I’m stuck on using the “Save Attachments” activity. The Office365 “Get Mail” activity produces a Office365Message object and “Save Attachments” wants a MailMessage object.

Sorta stuck on what to do about it. Do I need to convert the Office365Message to a MailMessage Object ? If so, how would I got about that ?

Or is there something else I’m missing here ?


I’m not a .NET nor daily developer of anything. So … I got it working without fully understanding why it worked but tried something based on a little between-the-lines reading of other posts. Hoping for some explanation so I understand it. Question in graphic repeated here : Is a Office365Message object an array of MailMessages ?

@soneill437 Did you find a solution to converting from convert Office365Message to System.Net.Mail.MailMessage?