UIPath not working due to missing DLL


I would like to install the Community Edition on my work computer.

My work computer runs Windows 8.1
I was unable to install UIPath Community Edition, but I can’t use it. I get the error message, “Click image Not Working due to missing dll”)

The procedure entry point “SymSetSearchPath” was not found in the DLL “C:\Users\Chris.nuget\packages\uipath\20.10.7585.27318\build\UiPath\UiPathJavaBrdigeV8.dll”.

I have already uninstalled the software and deleted the following folders:

After that I installed the software again.

The error is the same.

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you

Hi @chris.k,
Welcome to the Community!
Can you tell us some more details? .Net Framework version? Have you used Studio before on this computer? Please also try to download the latest Studio version from platform.uipath.com

Hello Pablito,
thanks for your message.
I have downloaded the latest .Net Framework version I also downloaded the latest Studio version.
Yes, I have installed Studio on my computer before. Here I had problems in the beginning, but after deleting 2 folders I was able to install the software.
The problem is not that I can’t get Studio started - it works. As soon as I want to use Studio on a software (getText etc), the error message appears.

Very strange is that I can access this application with a Windows 10 computer (about 3 years old) (getText etc. works. With a Windows 8.1 computer (about 7 - 8 years old) this does not work.

Thanks for your help


I would rather suggest that it’s OS thing (old updates or something). You can check also this documentation if you have the necessary updates for Win 8.1

Please also check if windows firewall is not blocking anything.