UiPath not showing activities like Open Browser, Close Application etc in Activities Panel

Hi, I am using licensed version of UiPath. I’m not able to find basic activities like Open Browser, Close Application etc under Activities Panel. Can anyone please help me know what’s going wrong? How can I fix this?

From Nuget packages console - see if you installed uipath.core.activities. If not install.

Karthik Byggari

I suggest you to install uipath.uiautomation.activities from manage packages.

Hi @nishakankaria,

The if you are using the latest version the UiPath.Core.Activities have been split into two new packages

UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities and UiPath.System.Activities

updating/installing packages should resolve your problem.


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I have the same problem…I cant find the activity "Close Application" on my new UIPath-Installation. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled UIPath.System.Activities and UIPath.UIAutomation.Activities but still can`t find “Close Application”. Any suggestions?
Thank you for your help!

You are probably set to modern, and those activities were replaced. Click the filter icon on your Activities panel and make sure “show classic” is selected. Then you’ll find the old activities. But why? Use modern, it’s better.

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thx for your answer Paul, thats a good hint I will try that.

Whats the best way to close an application under “modern”?

Problem solved, the filter was incorrect.

In modern, you use the Use Application/Browser activity - it replaces all the Open App, Open Browser, Attach Browser, etc activities. They are all combined into one now.

The Use Application/Browser activity has settings in it for if/when it should close the window when it’s done doing its steps.

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