UiPath not passing parenthesis value from Excel to web search field

I tried looking in the forum for a similar issue , but I couldn’t find anything.
So here is my issue:
I have a query similar to SQL that contains “()” values in an Excel worksheet that I’m inserting in a TextField inside a Webpage using Type Into Text. For some reason sometimes the open parenthesis “(” doesn’t get passed down as part of the query while the rest of the query does (and this happens only for the “(” values, all the “)” values are passed down). The weird thing is that this doesn’t always happen, it just happens randomly.
Any recommendations to avoid this issue are appreciated.

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In TYPE INTO activity there is a property called DelayBetweenKeys where set some time value like 3000 milliseconds


Use a activity called SET TO CLIPBOARD where pass the same input string which will set that input to clipboard
Then use SEND HOT KEY Activity with key as ctrl+v so that it will paste the value from clipboard and ensure that it won’t miss any characters

Cheers @eplr3198

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You can try also with Set Text activity where it applies…

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