UiPath not able to identify SAP fields in productive system - but in testsystem?

Hi guys, I have a problem with SAP automation. Currently I’m developing a bot for order creation in SAP (Outlook extracts attachments -> Excel -> SAP -> Excel) SAP is the biggest part…
I developed everything in our testsystem and now I wanted to move this to our productive system BUT:
UiPath is not able do identify the SAME SAP fields?? It’s exactly the same SAP version - same release/patch. I compared all settings from testsystem to productive… Could you please help me? The bot is very big and I spent a lot of time on it - of course maybe I’ll find some workarrounds but the way I developed the bot was very sustainable and free of errors… Please help me…
Best regards and many many thanks!!


I have the same issue but the other way. Working in prod but not in test.

The robot cannot indicate most of the fields. Those, which can be identified, have a different selector.

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I was having the same issue, the answer was to enable scripting on the server side. I contacted my SAP application support which did the process.