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In moder design selectors - “Strict”,“Fuzzy”,“Windows” can we use wildcards ?


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Yes, the selectors work the same as far as syntax goes.
Use the ? for a single character wildcard, and * for 0-many.

I disagree…
Take alone the window selector. If you have pages that switch title and url parts for each item, you will need wildcards.

Also, window and strict selectos do support use of wildcards the same as in classic method. I do it everyday and it works like a charm.

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I am using wildcard in “Strict,Fuzzy” seletcors in Modern design and it is working fine

This is incorrect. Attributes can change just the same for the UI elements, for example the page title may change because it includes customer name as you’re looping through and browsing to different customers. You’d use wildcards in cases like this regardless of the type of selector.

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This is incorrect. Wildcards work in strict and fuzzy just fine.

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Hmm let me try again and comment
If it’s fine then I will take back that post

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Wildcards are symbols that enable you to replace zero or multiple characters in a string. These can be quite useful when dealing with dynamically changing attributes in a selector.
We can use wildcards in the ‘Strict’ and ‘Fuzzy’ selectors only in Modern design activities and that will work fine.

For reference, check the UiPath User Guide.

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can we use wilcards in “inner text” in image selection mode ?

Image selection mode doesn’t have a selector. It uses an image, not a selector.

no…there is one option called “Inner Text”

That’s for the strict/fuzzy selectors. There are no selectors for image selection mode, you must have it set to multiple types, not only image.

“Inner text” is the attribute of the selector in which we check specific text in an element. While in image selection mode, it matches the exact image, and we have no selector in image selection mode.

I’ll recommend that you set multiple types, like selector and image, and you can also set their priority.

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