UiPath migration from 2018.4.x to higher version

Hi All,
We are working on migration projects. e.g. UiPath 2018.4.x to higher version for which we need to know what are all the steps needs to be carried out.
Also wanted to know is there any document that says about what changes made between versions.
e.g. suppose if my project is built in 2018.4.x and i have used activites, orchestrator and if i need to migrate this project to 2016/2017/2020 etc is there any activity that is been obsolete in higher version? or any orchestrator used in 2018 is not supported in higher version.

Basically I need to prepare the document to the client to show changes required while migrating 1 version to another version.

Appreciate if you can share the details asap.

Hi @manikandan.lagichetty

Please see here for a documentation article about it:

You can also go over our release notes here:

Some versions contain the header called Breaking Changes which you might be interested in. There aren’t a lot of these though, as we do our utmost best to maintain compatibility for older workflows.