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Hi All,
Please help me.

Before posting this question, I have googled a lot but unable to find a direct answer.

I am trying to upload PDFs to particular document library on the SharePoint site, Under the “Find Files\Folder” activity. I have provided the site URL for the SharePoint site and tried to provide the document library name on both “Query” as well on on "Drive Name together and also seperate, "First " from this Activity is provided as “Destination” on the “Upload Files” activity.

when the workflow starts all the PDFs are being uploaded to the OneDrive of Email Account rather than the SharePoint.

Quick Note: The same setup “Find Files/Foldes” activity works for Download from SharePoint

Thanks in Advance

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Are you using the same activity as below.


Could you please confirm ?

Yes, the same activity

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Let me check once and get back…

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Thank you so much Nithin

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Could you please share the screenshot of what you were trying ?

Please find the screenshots


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Okay looks pretty fine. Sharepoint URL and library could you please try uploading a file manually and check whether it is getting stored in sharepoint or onedrive

manually works fine,
Sharepoint URL is -https://XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.sharepoint.com/sites/DocumentManagementSystem
Document Library is - INVOICE2021

the same uploading works fine if I use another custom SharePoint Activity

but i still wanted the Uipath Official activity to work, as it has option to rename the file automatically if same file name already exist in the SharePoint document library

Hi @Nithinkrishna
I have found where the problem was.
even though i create a new Document library I need to create at least one folder inside the document library for it work.

Sharepoint URL is -https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.sharepoint.com/sites/DocumentManagementSystem
Drive Name - INVOICE2021 (Document Library)
Folder name - 2021

then the file correctly uploading to folder 2021



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