I am trying to create an automated test case using UiPath with UiPath.MicrosoftDynamics.Activities package, version 1.0.5
Case is:
create a contact in MS Dynamics and retrieve contact ID in different env (Test env, UAT env, then we have separate env for each country we have).
How it is setup:
I have client ID, secret, tenant ID stored in orchestator.
I have a list of environments in an excel and I am reading that and putting in a data table.
Then I have “For each row in data table” create contact and fetch contact ID.
The issue is that contact are indeed created in all env, but in UiPath I get always the same contact ID which is of the first contact. Any idea why that is happening and why I don’t get contact ID each time as it really is?


I have also tried inserting 3 different Insert Record activities one after another in the “For each” and each of them fetches correct contact ID until it goes back from the begining and then again it retrieves the same 3 IDs in that same order. I tried this whole thing with “While” activity and same thing happens.

01/16/2023 15:32:16 => [Debug] Debug started for file: TestCase003_Contact_Creation_Address_Validation - Copy
01/16/2023 15:32:18 => [Info] TestCase003_Contact_Creation_Address_Validation execution started
01/16/2023 15:32:20 => [Info] Audit: Using Excel File: Y:\API TC\Input\Input_file.xlsx
01/16/2023 15:32:26 => [Info] Activity ended successfully
01/16/2023 15:32:26 => [Debug] adacd595-aa95-ed11-aad1-000d3aaa0c02
01/16/2023 15:32:27 => [Info] Activity ended successfully
01/16/2023 15:32:27 => [Debug] bfacd595-aa95-ed11-aad1-000d3aaa0c02
01/16/2023 15:32:28 => [Info] Activity ended successfully
01/16/2023 15:32:33 => [Debug] d4acd595-aa95-ed11-aad1-000d3aaa0c02
01/16/2023 15:32:35 => [Info] Activity ended successfully
01/16/2023 15:32:35 => [Debug] adacd595-aa95-ed11-aad1-000d3aaa0c02
01/16/2023 15:32:36 => [Info] Activity ended successfully
01/16/2023 15:32:36 => [Debug] bfacd595-aa95-ed11-aad1-000d3aaa0c02
01/16/2023 15:32:37 => [Info] Activity ended successfully
01/16/2023 15:32:42 => [Debug] d4acd595-aa95-ed11-aad1-000d3aaa0c02