UiPAth Microsoft Office365 - Get Mail


Would it be possible to add variable input to the marked fields?

Just so we can avoid this

I agree. That would be really helpful. There are other activities that allow us to pass in True/False as values instead of checking a box.

I don’t know how UiPath decides which activities have checkbox inputs and which don’t. :thinking:

If I were making that decision, I would convert anything that is used in process logic to be programmable input/outputs instead of graphical inputs such a checkbox. It would have been nice to see your flow reduced down to just 3 steps instead of these many.

Thanks for posting this Feedback.

I 100% agree I’ve said this multiple time in many topics that it would be nice to have variable input on anything that is Boolean on every and all activities as it would give way more flexibility.

As you said, the above could be 3 activities instead of 15 total